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Glacialtech silent Hard Disk Cooling w/1 fan(ice crown 1000)

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Glacialtech silent Hard Disk Cooling w/1 fan(ice crown 1000)

Glacialtech Ice Crown 1000 Hard Disk Cooler, Uses a heat sink and 80mm fan to cool the hard drive, 1300RPM Speed, 14.4CFM Airflow, 15dBA Noise

  • The cooler comes in a small flat box with the photo of IceCrown 1000 on the front and specifications and installation procedure description on the back
  • Included with the device are twelve screws with rubber washers, which fell apart after the very first use, and a cable for grounding the HDD
  • IceCrown 1000 consists of two parts: an aluminum heatsink measuring 145x146x41 mm and weighing 360 g, and a 102x100x19 mm frame with a fan
  • The heatsink looks like a half-open box that is inserted into the system case five-inch bay
  • Two internal long rails hold the HDD inside the box, while two external short rails hold the heatsink with the drive in the system case bay. Note that in this case the top of the hard drive will contact the heatsink chassis, but there are no thermal pads on any kind included with the device, which is fairly strange, I should say. There is also no thermal paste included. Looks like the manufacturer considers this “dry” contact to be more than efficient for proper heat transfer.

    IceCrown 1000 can work in passive mode, but to ensure proper cooling of the HDD spindle and electronic components, you can use a special aluminum frame with a fan that attaches to the bottom of the drive:

  • The 80x80x15 mm fan rotates at a constant speed of 1300 RPM and creates 14.4 CFM airflow generating no more than 15 dBA of noise. The fan is made in China by Everflow Company (R128015DL model)

  • It is very easy to install a hard drive into IceCrown 1000 chassis and then attach a fan to it

  • Model: AC-HDD COOLER-1F
  • 20 Units in Stock

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